Technologies aimed at reducing the negative impact of humanity on the environment

URIFFM presented the results of research using dendrochronological approaches on adaptation to climate change of high-altitude beech plantations in the Skolivski Beskydy National Park.

The research network`s enterprises of URIFFM offer Christmas trees and pine trees to consumers

Sale of Christmas trees to the public usually starts in the first half of December. The presence of a stamp on the cut and a tag with a bar code, by which you can find out the origin of the Christmas tree, are mandatory.

Research on the intensity of the formation of English oak`s reproductive organs

Scientists of the SE "Vinnytsia Forestry Research Station" conducted research on a clone plantation of English oak in the Turbiv Forestry`s breeding complex.

Congratulations to Vasyl Ihnatenko!

The team of URIFM congratulates you on your 80th anniversary and wishes you good health and a peaceful sky over your head!

Scientific cooperation with Lithuanian colleagues

The project from URIFFM, aimed at finding and mapping ash trees resistant to invasive pests and pathogens, will make it possible to obtain genetic material for the preservation of ash trees in Europe.

Research in forest plantations created on the reclaimed lands of the Novoselyvsk Mining and Processing Plant

Scientists of URIFFM examined the state of forest plantations in conditions of intense anthropogenic load within the boundaries of settlements.

Forestry campaign at SE "Kharkiv Forest Research Station"

Employees of the Station continue to carry out forestry activities in surveyed and demined territories.

The competition to fill vacant research positions was held at URIFFM

The results of the competition for filling vacant positions of scientific workers have been approved.

New scientific publications issued in URIFFM

Two scientific publications, developed by employees of URIFFM in cooperation with scientists of other institutions, are intended for forestry specialists, scientific and project organizations, teachers and students.

Involvement of young people in carrying out scientific and research work in the forest industry

The active educational activity of scientists contributes to the strengthening of environmental security of Ukraine.

The state of production of round timber products during the year of military actions in Ukraine

A decrease in demand from the woodworking industry has led to a reduction in the sales volume of commercial round timber products on the domestic wood market.

State of spruce plantations in the SE "Novgorod-Siversk Forest Research Station"

Scientists of station conducted the forest pathological inspection of spruce plantations of the forest fund of the Slobid Research Forestry.