Collecting of Scots pine seeds for reforestation at the State Enterprise "Novgorod-Siversk Forest Research Station"

Cultivation of local planting material with improved hereditary properties contributes to the preservation of the gene pool of forest stands.

Congratulations on International Women's Day!

Dear women, we congratulate you on a beautiful holiday of beauty, the awakening of nature and the beginning of spring!

Projecting of forest plantations in the forest farms of the north-east of Ukraine

Scientists of the Krasnotrostyanets sub-branch of URIFFM took part in the meeting of the Northern Forestry of the SE "Forests of Ukraine" regarding the consideration of projects of establishing forest plantations.

The document "Proposals on clarifying forest seed zoning" was presented

The document provides updated information for the forest seed zoning of the most common forest woody plants`s species in Ukraine.

Beaver "Gryts Vogneborets" as a potential symbol of the firefighting campaign in Ukraine

Dissemination of information to the public about the basic rules of fire safety in natural landscapes and the rules of safe behavior in mined areas is the goal of a joint project of scientists with European students of WUR.

URIFFM conducted the next one meeting of the scientific and methodical commission

Two scientific-methodical commissions were created to evaluate and discuss scientific reports on scientific research works, additions and changes to program and methodical notes.

Formation of crowns of grafted Scots pine trees

The formation of crowns has a significant impact on productivity and facilitates the harvesting of cones. Іt is advisable to begin it at the age of 5–7 years and reiterate it every 3–4 years.

Objects of the natural reserve fund of the Sumy region: current state and ways to preserve biodiversity"

Scientists of the State Enterprise "Novgorod-Siversk Forest Research Station" took part in the conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the National Nature Park "Desnyansko-Starogutskyi".

The meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Commission was held in URIFFM

The annual reports by topic were reviewed at the meetings of the scientific and methodological commission on forestry, reforestation, forest melioration, selection, genetics, biotechnology, forestry economics and radiology.

List of participants in the competition to fill vacant research positions, announced on January 16, 2024

According to the results of document verification, Pavlo Kravets is a participant in the competition for the position of leading researcher of the department of forest inventory, monitoring, certification and planning.

Study of the soil cover in the "Zhovtneve forestry" branch of the SE "Forests of Ukraine"

Dark gray podzolic soils are among the most fertile in Ukraine, on which highly productive hardwood stands grow.

Overview of silvicultural and scientific facilities of SE "Vinnytsia Forest Research Station"

Representatives of the station and the Central-Western Interregional Department of Forestry and Hunting analyzed the possibilities of creating sustainable, highly productive artificial plantings in Vinnytsia region.