Inspection of the permanent forest seed base in the Slavut Forestry, branch of the SE "Forests of Ukraine"

Scientists of the SE "Vinnytsia Forestry Research Station" conducted a survey of plus trees and permanent forest seed plots of Scots pine and English oak, family plantations of European larch and English oak.

The General Assembly of the Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was held

On October 27, the General Assembly of the Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Academy was held.

Experiments on carrying out reshaping cuttings at SE «Klavdiyevska Forest Research Station»

A network of experimental plots was created for the formation of mixed pine and broadleaf plantations using artificial reforestation.

Survey of experimental forest crops of pedunculate oak at SE "Kharkiv Forest Research Station"

Scientists of the URIFFM conducted scientific research on forest crops created by various methods and types of planting material.

List of participants in the competition to fill vacant positions of scientific workers, announced on September 12, 2023

According to the results of document verification, Raspopina Svitlana Petrivna is a participant in the competition for the position of head of the laboratory of forest soil science.

Scientific support for measures to ensure the quality of data of the National Forest Inventory of Ukraine

Mapping and dendrometric measurements are performed on the basis of the field geoinformation system Field-Map.


Study of the offspring of Scots pine trees with different resistance to root fungus damage

Afforestation with seed material with increased resistance will provide an opportunity to create more productive and pathogen-resistant forest areas.  

Distribution of the Emerald ash borer in the Kharkiv region

Trees infested with the emerald ash borer gradually dry out at the top, it is an aggressive quarantine trunk pest and can inhabit perfectly healthy trees.

Walnut cultivation on the territory of the research and selection center "Veseli Bokovenki"

Every year, the employees  of the center harvest nuts from the gardens and plantations for sowing in the nursery for growing planting material and selling nuts and seedlings to everyone.

The use of mycorrhized planting material for the restoration of polluted and degraded areas

The effect of mycorrhiza is to increase the resistance of trees to diseases and the high survival rate of seedlings in areas polluted with heavy metals.