Study of the development of English oak advance growth under the canopy of pine stands in the Polissia

Available active forest formation process in planted mature pine stands approximates modern pine forests to the primary forest type.

Overview of the global outlook for the lumber market

Geopolitical conflicts are one of the significant factors that led to changes in trends in global lumber markets and caused prices to begin to rise for business entities.

Balanced forest management is a key condition for strengthening the sustainability of Europe's forests

Scientists of URIFFM are taking part in the discussion of the pan-European strategy for the adaptation of forests to climate change and local conditions.

Nature protection facility "Dokuchaev field protection forest strips"

"Dokuchaev Field Protection Forest Strips" is a natural monument of local importance, which has scientific and forestry-ecological value and needs restoration and reconstruction.

Scientific library of URIFFM

The library forms specialized library collections and conducts reference and bibliographic work for the informational support of scientific research works of scientists.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Persisting, hardworking, intelligent and talented women scientists are shattering the established concept that gender inequality is natural and inevitable.