A competition to fill vacant research positions was held at URIFFM

On 16 August 2023, a competition was held at URIFFM to fill vacant research positions.

The 8th Congress of Ukrainian Radiobiological Society took place in Zhytomyr

The congress discussed current problems of forest radioecology and ways to solve them.

Experience of growing planting stock at the Ternopil Forest Seed and Selection Centre

The scientists from URIFFM Svitlana Los and Larysa Tereshchenko learned the experience of growing planting material at the Ternopil Forest Seed and Selection Centre.

Business meetings of Viktor Tkach and the staff of Polissia Branch and Vinnytsia Forest Research Station

The issues of enterprises functioning and possibilties to conducting research during martial law were discussed.

Congratulations on the Flag Day!

Every year, on Flag Day, Ukrainians pay tribute to those who have carried their faith in the bright future of their homeland through the centuries.

Ecocide and crimes against the environment – what can young scientists do?

Experts and scientists discussed methods and practices for fixing damage and issues of ecosystems regenerating.

Intensity of formation of reproductive organs by Douglas fir trees in the green areas of Ivano-Frankivsk city

The shade-tolerant and drought-resistant Douglas fir is a fast-growing tree. It has high ornamentality value, so it can be used in landscaping.

List of the applicants for the competition for vacant positions of researchers

Based on the results of the review and verification of documents submitted by candidates for participation in the competition for vacant positions of researchers, a list of applicants was formed.

Interventions to intensify the growth of English oak planting stock were carried out at Kharkiv Forest Research Station

At the greenhouse and nursery department of the Pivdenne Forestry, Kharkiv Forest Research Station, scientists took biometric measurements of English oak seedlings and applied plant growth stimulants and fertilisers.