Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration named after G. M. Vysotsky is the leading research institution of Ukraine for the development of scientific principles of forestry and hunting management, agroforestry improvement and rational nature management. The Institute has two branches and seven research stations located in different regions of Ukraine.

Basic research efforts of URIFFM cover:

  • Growth, development, and reproduction of forest plants, their adaptation to new conditions, in particular under climate change
  • Forest biodiversity conservation and regeneration
  • Forest gene resources conservation, micropropagation
  • Forecasting spatial and temporal dynamics of insect pests’ populations


Applied research covers:

  • Principles for forest management on the zonal-typological basis, standards for forest management
  • Methods and techniques improving to grow high-yielding and resistant forest and ameliorative stands
  • Identification of critical levels of aero-technogenic stress for forest ecosystems; recreational forest use; division of forests according to their economic and recreational purposes
  • Development and improvement of forest seed-growing systems to obtain high-yielding and resistant native and introduced forest tree species
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of forest shelter belts and systems of ameliorative stands
  • Development of methods to improve the stands resistance to unfavorable biotic, abiotic and anthropogenic factors
  • Development of GIS-technologies for forest mensuration

    URIFFM has 633 stationary research objects, among which 478 objects are located in the forest area of the research network

     In 1996, the Institute has become a member of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) and in 2000, of the European Forest Institute (EFI).

     International fundamental projects of global importance – study of gene resources (EUFORGEN), the programs on forest monitoring (ICP Forests and FHM), the study and conservation of ancient Carpathian forests (FORZA), the analysis into scenarios of sustainable wood production under different regimes of forest management (EFISCEN), the EUROFOREST project entitled “Advanced Technologies Directed towards Shift of the European Forest Sector to Principles of Sustainable Development” in the framework of the program of international scientific and technological co-operation (EUREKA).In 2004, an office of TechInLis project was established in the Institute, and several international seminars on advanced techniques for forest inventory and monitoring were conducted as well as an international scientific seminar on the use of GIS-technologies for forest management.