To the attention of exporters of forest products!

From December 17, the issuance of the Certificate of origin of timber and sawn timber from them in paper form will be discontinued

Project «Emerald ash borer: risk-based strategies to prepare for pest management and biological control»

In the Latvian State Scientific Research Forestry Institute "Silava", a workshop was held on the methodology of assessing the resistance of ash trees to invasive pests and fungal diseases.

Acorn moth is a new invasive species that can become an obstacle for seed reproduction of oak and other deciduous specie

The caterpillar of the acorn moth overwinters in the acorn and during feeding completely eats its cotyledons, leaving no opportunity for germination.

Strong cities. Strong Ukraine. The first water forum of Zhytomyr region

Scientists of URIFFM took part in the development of a strategy for the sustainable management of water resources of Zhytomyr region within the framework of the project "Integrated development of cities in Ukraine II".

Director of URIFFM Viktor Tkach held a meeting with heads of institutions and enterprises of the research network

The work`s evaluation of enterprises for nine months of the current year was carried out.

Saint Nicholas Day is the most anticipated holiday for children

Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6 according to the Gregorian calendar, which Ukraine switched to in 2023.