Open lecture "Edaphic network as a classification scheme of forests and biotopes"

Scientists of the forest soil science laboratory of URIFFM held an open lecture for students of the State Biotechnology University on the classification of forests and biotopes.

Determination of radionuclide content in wood and wood products for forest industry users in Sumy and Chernihiv region

Based on the results of measurements of product samples, customers are provided with radiation safety protocols in accordance with state hygiene standards.

Congratulations on the anniversary of Davydenko Kateryna Valeriivna!

The staff of the Institute sincerely congratulates the senior researcher of the Department of Entomology, Phytopathology and Physiology of URIFFM - Kateryna Valeriivna Davydenko!

Methods of propagation of trees and bushes in the forest center "Veseli Bokovenki"

The forestry center is constantly expanding the quantitative and species composition of planting material and increases the area of ​​nurseries for plant propagation by seed and vegetative methods.

Spring works on the arboretum`s reconstruction of the SE "Kharkiv Research Station"

To replenish the compositions, common quince, chaenomelis 'Superba' and hybrid oak were planted on the territory of the arboretum.

Regarding the preparation of enterprises subordinate to URIFFM for the fire hazard period of 2024

Enterprises have carried out a set of measures to prevent massive fires in natural ecosystems.