The danger of internal irradiation by wild mushrooms

White mushrooms, Polish mushrooms and chanterelles are in the greatest demand among the population, but it should be remembered that mushrooms belong to intensive accumulators of long-lived radionuclides.

Congratulations to Lyudmila Umanets

  Congratulations to Lyudmila Umanets   

Biosphere forests and rivers – the creation of support systems and connections for the transformation of conflicts

Scientists of the Novgorod-Siversk Forest Research Station took part in the seminar "Role of Ukrainian biosphere reserves during the war" in the city of Eberswalde, Germany.


Selection of permanent forest seed plots of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in Poltava Oblast

Scientists of URIFFM carried out a survey of pedunculate oak plots in the Chornukhin and Voronkiv forests of the "Hadyatsky Forest Farm" Branch of the State Specialized Enterprise "Forests of Ukraine"

Carrying out reforestation activities in liberated territories

Scientists of the Klavdiyevska Forest Research Station made a working visit to the "Ivankiv Forestry" branch of the State Enterprise "Forests of Ukraine"

Settlement of issues related to the use and removal of objects of plant life, forest resources and nature reserve fund

Scientists of the "Vinnytsia Forest Research Station" took part in the work of the Round Table, which was initiated by the State Environmental Inspection in the Vinnytsia region.