June 17 is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Arid ecosystems cover more than a third of the planet's land area and are particularly vulnerable to exhausting exploitation and irrational use of land resources.

Seed yield under the canopy of the pine forests of Eastern Polissia

The natural regeneration`s potential of the pine forests of Eastern Polisia based on seed yield indicators was assessed by scientists.

The preparatory process for the 9th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference has been completed

Participants in the expert-level meeting of the pan-European Forest Europe process recommend consolidating efforts to provide international support for sustainable forest management in Ukraine.

Measures to protect forests from fires

The fire danger period reaches its peak in the summer, so enterprises whose activities are coordinated by URIFFM constantly carry out preventive measures to protect the forest from fires.

The participants of competition to fill vacant research positions, announced on May 1, 2024 has been determined

According to the results of document verification, Yury Skrylnyk is a participant in the competition for the leading researcher `s position in the Department of entomology, phytopathology and physiology.

Rhododendron luteum is a relict species of the Ukrainian Polissia

Peculiarities of expansion and development Rhododendron luteum`s natural populations in the forests of the branch «Yemilchynske Forestry» SE «Forests of Ukraine».