International conference on invasive species monitoring in urban green spaces

URIFFM scientists participated in the annual expert meeting of the Forest Invasive Species Network for Europe and Central Asia (REUFIS) on the role of invasive species in urban forest planning.

Germany's experience in demining territories and disposal of explosive objects

As part of the German-Ukrainian Political Dialogue (APD), a Ukrainian delegation visited Germany in order to study and use in Ukraine the experience of clearing territories from explosive objects.

Preventing and resolving conflicts of interest: a lecture was held for URIFFM employees

A measure was taken to prevent and detect corruption at the Institute.

Smart Tourism Skills Development Workshop

The Smart Tourism concept is a promising direction for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the implementation of which is a complex component of the active development of the green economy in European countries.

June 17 is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Arid ecosystems cover more than a third of the planet's land area and are particularly vulnerable to exhausting exploitation and irrational use of land resources.

Seed yield under the canopy of the pine forests of Eastern Polissia

The natural regeneration`s potential of the pine forests of Eastern Polisia based on seed yield indicators was assessed by scientists.