A solemn meeting of the labor team of URIFFM was held on the occasion of the Forest Worker's Day

On 15 September, a solemn meeting of the URIFFM team was held in the main hall. The administration and the trade union committee of the institute congratulated colleagues on the professional holiday – Forest Worker’s …

Congratulations to the employees of the Institute and the forest industry on the professional holiday – Forest Worker’s

Accept the words of gratitude and wishes for good health, strength and endurance in your selfless daily work, which is a guarantee of a happy and healthy life for future generations!

URIFFM announces a competition to fill a vacant position

The laboratory of forest soil science in URIFFM seeks a Head.

A meeting was held with a representative of Forest Release

A working meeting was held between the administration and scientists of URIFFM and a representative of the organisation that carries out demining works.

Tending and shaping of crowns of Scots pine trees in permanent forest seed plantations

Novgorod-Siverska Forest Research Station carries out scientific research and provides scientific and technical support to maintain the permanent forest seed objects.

Web applications of the geoportal "Forests of Ukraine": forest protection during forest fires

Scientists of URIFFM have developed a service for information support of forest fire protection and interaction with units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.