Congratulations on Forest Worker's Day!

The URIFFM administration sincerely congratulates the team on the professional holiday of forestry workers!



The monograph Prediction of Fires and Insect Pests Foci Spread in the Pine Stands by Means of GIS was published

Authors: Oleksandr Borysenko  PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Head of the Laboratory of Advanced Information Technologies, URIFFM, and Valentyna Meshkova – Prof. Dr. hab. (Agricultural Sciences) Head of t…

Establishing permanent forest seed orchard with plantation type in SE Poltavsky Forestry

In July 2021, in SE Poltavsky Forestry experts selected a permanent forest seed orchard of English oak in order to further form it with the plantation type.

Monitoring of pine forest condition in Lymanske State Forest Enterprise

Between 16 and 20 August 2021, Dr.  V. Pasternak and V. Yarotsky, Laboratory of Forest Monitoring and Certification, URIFFM, conducted a study of Scots pine stands in Lymanske State Forest Enterprise.

Ukraine celebrates Independence Day

On 24 August 1991 Ukraine declared its independence. This year we are proud to celebrate 30th anniversary of Independence Day.