Barrier free literacy

Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens is ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of the characteristics of each person and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Fire season: fire prevention

The most common fires in summer are ground fires; they develop as a result of the combustion of undergrowth, living supersoil cover or litter, and often occur due to human fault.

URIFFM announces a competition to fill vacant scientific positions of scientific workers

URIFFM announces a competition to fill the vacant position of a leading researcher in Department of Entomology, Phytopathology and Physiology.

Survey of forest stands of the «Uman Forestry» branch of SE «Forests of Ukraine»

Scientists have developed a justification for the need to carry out measures to improve the health and increase the biological stability of forest stands of the «Uman forestry» branch in the Cherkasy region.

Forum "Fundamentals of sustainable use of forest resources: close-to-nature silviculture and forest biomass" was held

Scientists of URIFFM took part in the development of a draft analytical report of the Ukrainian Forest Platform on the issue of the use of forest biomass in Ukraine.

Detection of places of illegal felling and illegally harvested wood

Scientists of SE “Vinnytsia Forestry Research Station” with police inspectors of the Khmelnytsky region identified locations of illegal tree felling and illegally harvested timber in protective forest strip.