Conservation works in the building of the Krasnotrostyanets branch have been completed

A meeting was held with representatives of the Sumy Regional Military Administration and the Trostyanets City Council regarding the preservation and restoration of the building of the Krasnotrostyanets subbranch.

Hardy pecan nut tree

Hardy pecan conditions characterized by high drought resistance, growth and quality of the trunks, but the nuts do not always ripen. The species may be promising for greening and agroforestry in the conditions of the Steppe.

Analysis of reproductive processes in clonal plantations of Scots pine in Vinnitsa Region

Scots pine seedlings, grown from the seeds of Finnish clones, are characterized by a high degree of frost resistance and can be used to create forests in the southern part of Northern Europe.

Study of the intensity of mycelium growth of mycorrhizal fungi

Pure mycelial cultures of mycorrhizal fungi are used to select the most productive strains, create collections and grow planting material for afforestation of degraded and polluted lands.

URIFFM announces a competition to fill a vacant position

URIFFM announces a competition to fill the vacant position of a leading researcher in the department of forest inventory, monitoring, certification and forest management.

Expansion of the experimental base of felling care in the SE "Novgorod-Siversk Forest Research Station"

The study of tax indicators of stands of mixed young oak makes it possible to establish criteria for maintenance felling in mixed oak stands of Eastern Polissia.