June 28—Constitution Day in Ukraine

The Constitution is the experience of civil society and a code that dynamically develops under the social changes influence and provides citizens with the freedom`s benefits, the establishment of justice and the common defense`s …

Preserving flora biodiversity in Ukraine

During the 2022–2024 war years, the destruction and damage іn the nature reserve fund of Ukraine of 3.5 million trees on an area of more than 7.8 thousand hectares was documented. These numbers, unfortunately, are growing.

Measures to intensify the growth of English oak seedlings in the SE "Kharkiv forest research station"

Scientists from URIFFM have established experiments on the use of chelated forms of fertilizers, which will help preserve the environment and make it possible to grow planting material with the necessary biometric characteristics.

Monograph «Natural seed regeneration of European oak in the southern part of the Left-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine»

A collective monograph of URIFFM and the State Biotechnology University scientists was published.

International conference on invasive species monitoring in urban green spaces

URIFFM scientists participated in the annual expert meeting of the Forest Invasive Species Network for Europe and Central Asia (REUFIS) on the role of invasive species in urban forest planning.

Germany's experience in demining territories and disposal of explosive objects

As part of the German-Ukrainian Political Dialogue (APD), a Ukrainian delegation visited Germany in order to study and use in Ukraine the experience of clearing territories from explosive objects.