Study of the intensity of fruiting of a family-clonal seed plantation of Scots pine

The selection and preservation of the genetic fund of forest species contribute to the creation of sustainable and highly productive forest areas.

Regarding the restoration of forestry activities in the forests of Ovrutsky region

Scientists of the Polissky branch of URIFFM analyzed the level of radioactive contamination of the territories of "Ovruch Specialized Forestry" of the SE "Forests of Ukraine".

URIFFM: results of the forestry campaign 2023

Employees of the research network of URIFFM carried out work within the framework of the program for the restoration of the forest fund.

Intensification of cultivation of oak planting material

Scientists of the URIFFM conducted a study on the effect of growth stimulants and fertilizers on one-year oak seedlings with a closed root system in open soil conditions.

Greetings Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Viktor Tkach, director of URIFFM named after  of Vysotsky, congratulated the employees of the Institute and the employees of the UNDIFM scientific network on the holidays.

Forest fires: decision support systems

Scientists of URIFFM have developed a program complex for solving issues of rapid response during forest fires.