Monograph by V. Meshkova, Yu. Skrylnyk, Ya. Koshelyaeva has been published

Published: 2023-05-16

Meshkova V. L., Skrylnyk Y. Y., Koshelyaeva Y. V. Health condition of Silver Birch in the Left-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. Kharkiv: Machulin, 2023. 163 p., 5 p. figs. ISBN 978-617-8195-37-3.

Analysis of experimental data about the spatial and temporal dynamics of health condition indices of the silver birch stands in the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe is presented.

The harmfulness of stem insects is evaluated in birch stands. The first signs of birch damage by bacterial wet wood disease, the role of stem insects in the vectoring of its pathogen, and the features of radial growth of trees in the foci were determined.

Measures have been suggested to mitigate the effects of birch damage.