Ivan Ustsky
Ivan Ustsky

Ph.D., Senior researcher, Head of the Phytopathology section

Education: Lviv Forestry Institute (National Forestry University, Lviv),1971

Ph.D. thesis: "Peculiarities in root rot foci forming and impact of forestry measures upon pine stands' resistance"

Author of 167 scientific works, including 14 recommendations and directives on how to plant stands and increase their resistance to pathogenic factors. Co-author of three inventions.

Areas of expertise: studying of reasons, dynamics and conditions for pathogenic processes to occur in forest stands; analysing nature of tree differentiation by their state when exposed to endemic pathogenic processes; predicting pathological processes and preventing their development.

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e-mail ustskiy@uriffm.org.ua


Valentyna Dyshko
Valentyna Dyshko

Ph.D., Senior Researcher

Education: V. V. Dokuchaev Kharkiv National Agrarian University, Faculty of Forestry, 2009

Ph.D. thesis: "Peculiarities of Scots pine variety testing for its productivity and resistance".

Areas of expertise: morphological, biometric, anatomical, physiological, and biochemical features of Scots pine;  qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Scots pine planting material as well as testing the latter on its resistance to root rot, Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. in particular

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e-mail valya_dishko@ukr.net