A textbook in English for graduate students has been published

Published: 2022-12-21

Tokarieva O., Meshkova V., Puzrina N. 2022. Pest management in forests of Eastern Europe (Manual). Kyiv, NUBiP of Ukraine, 285 p. ISBN 978-617-8184-75-9

Features of the ecology of harmful forest organisms (phytophagous insects, fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens, weeds, etc.) are described. The basics of the survey, assessment, operational, tactical and strategic forecasting, and integrated protection of forestry objects from various groups of harmful organisms, as well as plant quarantine, are considered. The content of the manual corresponds to the curriculum of the discipline "Pest management in forests of Eastern Europe". The manual will be useful to students, graduate students, postdocs, teachers of higher education, and forestry and forest protection specialists.